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Natural Ocurring Carbon Binding Microbes

Alpha Extracts Omica Grow is not just for the professionals anymore.

Alpha Extracts Omica Grow brings the unique formula used by top organic farmers, groundskeepers and landscapers to your garden!  Try it on any plant – flowers, vegetables, shrubs, trees or turf,  Alpha EXtracts Omica Grow will increase root mass, enhance nutrient uptake and improve water retention resulting in.

  1. Brighter-more Vibrant Flowers
  2. Increase Bloom and Fruiting
  3. Stronger, Healthier plants that Resist Disease

Alpha Extracts Omica Grow is the world’s top all-natural growth stimulant.

Ever wonder how the greens at premier golf courses stay so green?  Ever marvel at the size and quality of produce coming out of some organic farms?  Ever amazed at he grass, flowers and shrubs that some landscapers can nurture?  You know what their secret is? This one of a kind superfood Alpha Extracts Omica Grow.

We take pride in producing a truly unique product that is proven to produce healthier, faster-growing, and stronger plants! Alpha Extracts Omica Grow is 100% organic and goes to work immediately – improving soil biology, increasing root mass, and improving your plants ability to utilize nutrients and water.  The results will astound you!

Alpha Extracts Omica Grow = Naturally Occurring Microbes!

Alpha Extracts Omica Grow is an all-natural stimulant derived from High Himalayan Shilajit is sourced from high-altitude regions of the Himalaya Mountains.Our Shilajit Powders come from an elevation of above 8,000 ft.Our Shilajit Paste comes from above 16,000 ft.Other common names for Shilajit include mineral pitch, Mumijo, and Moomiyo.

Alpha Extracts Omica Grow  is literally teeming with such a variety of microbes it is referred to as a “Living Humate”

At Alpha Extracts we look upon the soil and the farm as a living organism.While farming we practice all organic standards, prohibiting pesticides, and synthetic fungicides. Among the other requirements are disciplined soil enrichment, constant observation, labor-intensive fieldwork, and ongoing intuitive awareness.

Health,Vitality, Strength, Joy…

Your Entire Garden Will Be Transformed with One Quick, 5 Minute Application.

Alpha Extracts Omica Grow: Benefits

  • 100% natural with a neutral pH of 6-7
  • Exceptionally high microbial content
  • Increases fertilizer and chemical efficiency
  • Improves nutrient uptake and root mass
  • Reduces incidence of pathogenic diseases
  • Growth Enhancement
  • Stimulates seed germination
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