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Alpha Extracts Omica Grow Super Food – More Info

The ONLY Organic Source of Essential Carbon, Humates & Microbials
All Naturally-Occurring- In 1 Product!

Alpha Extracts Omica Grow is the world’s leading all natural organic growth stimulant. We take pride in producing a truly unique product that is proven to produce healthier, faster-growing, and stronger plants! Alpha Extracts Omica Grow is 100% organic and goes to work immediately – improving soil biology, increasing root mass, and improving your plants ability to utilize nutrients and water.  The results will astound you!  It doesn’t matter what you plant, adding Alpha Extracts Omica Grow to flowers, fruits, vegetables or even trees and lawns will result in vibrant plants that THRIVE! Alpha Extracts Omica Grow is not nutrient but allows a plant to utilizw plant foods and nutrients in the soil more effectively.Alpha Extracts Omica Grow is a rich source of humic acid and a natural form of carbon, Alpha Extracts Omica Grow is truly a one-of-a-kind product that makes any plant stronger and healthier. 
Alpha Extracts Omica Grow Shows
  • Bacterial activity above expected levels
  • Bacterial biomass will increase in time as long as food is present
  • Aerobic fungal biomass in normal range
  • High Total bacterial biomass
  • Biological activity will increase nitrogen efficiency by + 20 to 25%
Alpha Extracts Omica Grow is made in the USA.

Alpha Extracts Omica Grow will cause explosive root growth and repotting maybe essential.

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Alpha Extracts – Omica Grow – Plant Superfood & Soil Restoration